Kaleidoscope feat. HanaSara

by Mellow Tonin'

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What the DEAL son - - You SEE what’s goin ON out HERE it’s so ILL -* - it’s no CHILL - NOPE* it’s like we’re BUILDin a REAL live kaLEIdoscope -

e - poverty KILLS could this POssibly be REAL* time’ll - probably reVEAL all the PROphecies fulFILLED* constantLY KaLEIdoscopes SPIN like a PINwheel* WINDmill FERris wheel CArousel MERry go*

ROUND i see aMErica DROWNin in a TERror filled* Era there are NO winners the GAME’S just beGINnin*

another DAY another MURder scene - a new eMERgency* AMber aLERTS peace IS the furthest THING* from our MINDS we ONly find THOUGHTS spiraLIN* around VIolence
SOUNDS of SIrens TYrants*

and CLOWNS abound - bound ta FIre in a CROWD* loud HAMmers left FAMilies in DEAFenin silence* what’s the REmedy - when men preTEND to be ENemies* on the SAME sinkin SHIP get a GRIP on ya THINKin*
inebriATed and FAded realiTY we can’t FACE it* we’d RATHer be WASTed life’s the FANtasy we MAKE it*
ey yo the YOUTH stays DRUGGED pain alLEviated -* wannaBE thugs it’s BUGGED ignoRANCE is celeBRAted*

IDle MINDS crave IDle TIME* TIdal WAVES crime FInal DAYS* VItal SIGNS reLIable FIreball* FALL from the SKY yeah I don’t MIND*

it’s kaLEIdoscopes - fear inSIDE colLIDin with hope* TRY ta cope wit LIFE and float it’s LIKE ya on a TIGHTrope*

the WORLD is full o’ OBstacles i MUST adMIT it* it’s one big POPsicle i CAN’T seem ta LICK it if i TRY* TRIALS and tribuLAtions i atTRIbute to the ROOT of evil* TRAINED to make me TRIP on my TRAIL to a TRANquil*

STATE o’ mind - trance i TREK down the TRACK o’ life* TRACE my STEPS see it’s TRUE treacherOUS twists* and TURNS make TRIumph TRICKy but i TRUDGE on* TROOPin like a TROjan in SEARCH of a TROphy*

or treaSURE avoiding MIShaps TRAPS trageDIES* and TROUble they cause TRAUma so i TRY ta tread WATer* in a POOL that’s treMENdously ENDless TRUST me* it’s HARD ta travel WIT so much TRAFfic you’ll get TRAMPled*

SO i treat EVerything that’s TRIFlin and TRIvial* LIKE trash i CHUCK it now CHECK out my traJECtory* - and you can SEE the traDItional TRAIT* each time i MAKE a tranSItion i MEditate


released June 1, 2020
Produced by: Mellow Tonin'

Lyricist: Geno
Keyboards & Synths: Soulful Keys
Engineering and Video Direction: Brother 73rd

Recorded at Studio 1F in Ebina, Kanagawa, Japan
Mixed by Gregory Germain


all rights reserved



Mellow Tonin' Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Japan-based Hip-Hop / Soul group

Soulful Keys
Brother 73rd

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